How to fix a bad haircut

Have you ever left a beauty salon disappointed because your hair was cut too short or because your bangs were uneven? It’s a situation that probably affects everyone. But how to fix a bad haircut so that no one notices the failed haircut?

What is fraught with a bad trip to the beauty salon?

A bad haircut can permanently spoil your mood and possibly even lead to depression and destroy self-esteem for a few weeks. A bad hairdresser will definitely ruin your mood. But do not despair! There are simple ways to disguise a crooked haircut.

What can I do?

If you notice that you don’t like your haircut, don’t be afraid to tell your stylist about it while you’re in the beauty salon. Try not to panic or be rude: most likely, the stylist misunderstood your request. Just tell him what’s bothering you. In most situations, the hairdresser will quickly correct your shortcomings.

Daily styling

If you are still dissatisfied after visiting the barbershop, try to wash your hair the next morning and do your usual styling. With this simple trick, you can notice differences from your previous haircut and point out to the master what’s bothering you. This will allow you to visually see the problem and establish feedback if you want to visit the salon again.

fix a bad haircut


If you’ve had a bad haircut, but don’t have time to go to the salon anymore, then stock up on hairpins. They can be your best friends while your hair grows back. With the help of hairpins you can fix both a bad haircut and crooked bangs. In addition, many hairpin options are considered a fashion trend, for example, with the help of invisible hairpins you can make beautiful waves.

Wear stylish headbands or headbands

Large attractive headbands not only hide the mistakes of the hairdresser, but will give your image a highlight. Now on sale you can find a lot of accessories that are made of beautiful fabrics, decorated with beads, embroidery, beads, decorative knots. You can buy several headbands of different colors, which will effectively complement the outfits.

Braid beautiful braids

If your problem is uneven ends or lack of volume, you can give preference to beautiful and original braids. This cute and stylish way to hide the unwanted hairstyle will suit literally every girl. Try different variants, starting from a simple braid. There are detailed schemes of beautiful voluminous braids that are sure to attract attention. Do not be afraid and experiment more!

Hair slicked back

If you have a too short haircut, which the hairdresser additionally messed up, then this option is definitely for you. This hairstyle will help hide the flaws of the haircut. You just need a fixing gel or cream. Such a hairstyle looks elegant and delicate. It is done quickly and you don’t need to have much experience in hairdressing. Try this hairstyle variant and you will surely love it. For extra fixation you can use hairpins in the main tone of your hair.

Try a new hairstyle on your own

With a curling iron or other appliances, you can make new hairstyle options. Try twisting your own curls, making romantic curls, and simply increasing your hair’s root volume. In addition, curling your hair will add volume and texture while conveniently hiding any irregularities.

There is a wide range of curlers, stylers and irons for smoothing your hair, so you can find the best device for you. It is better to give preference to the technique of famous brands.

Use extensions

Instead of making another trip to the salon and cutting your hair even shorter, consider the alternative – hair extensions. You won’t be able to perform this procedure on your own. It is important to find a qualified specialist who will add curls qualitatively and for a long time. Choose only natural hair of the same shade as your main color.

Give your hair a chance for a new haircut

A new haircut is like the start of a new life. And so say most women. Look at the bright side of your new hairstyle. Ask your friends and family if it looks good on you. A new haircut can rejuvenate you, bring out your assets, enhance your skin tone.

Help your hair grow back faster

With all sorts of beauty products, you can easily speed up hair growth. Which means you can get rid of a bad haircut faster. It’s also important to stick to a balanced diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise, and take multivitamins. This will help your hair not only grow faster, but also look groomed and healthy. You can also use serums, which activate the growth. But you should choose them with a trichologist.

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