How to do layered haircut

The versatility of haircuts is quick, simple and convenient. The master easily creates a masterpiece, the hairstyle does not require complicated styling and care, the option fits any image. Multilayered haircut is a real discovery in hairdressing art. A variety of hairstyle models fully comply with the concept of versatility. Popular options, ways to get them will be considered below.

General description

As is clear from the name, the layered haircut is created step by step. The length is cut in layers, which allows you to achieve a certain effect. Usually, the purpose of staggered strand cutting is called to obtain volume. Multistage model is also made for thinning thick curls, facilitating regular styling.

Multilayered hairstyle is suitable for the owners of long, medium and short hair. A suitable model can definitely be found for any type of face. Most options are universal to create different images.

The layered models are made for straight and curly hair. Variants are cut with and without bangs.

Who is suitable for whom

The option of a suitable layered haircut can be found for everyone. Age, appearance, structure, color and length of the hair does not matter. The variety of models gives room for choice.

For the owners of thin, sparse curls, the staggered options based on a cascade section of hair will be ideal. Lucky people with thick hair are advised to try the double square-cut or bob. For owners of curls, the “Italianka” is suitable.

Similarly approach the choice, focusing on the shape of the face. The ideal oval is allowed to fully open or close with falling strands. Triangular face is recommended to open, creating a volume on the crown. The round shape is visually corrected by oblique bangs, medium or considerable length of the hair.

Layered haircut do on the long, medium and short hair. The length is chosen based on individual preferences, the type of appearance. Ultra-short strands cut in layers, open the face. This will accentuate the individual features, giving the appearance of a youthful appearance. Long curls will give the image of femininity, playfulness.

Hairstyles, cut in layers, do with or without bangs. The element is present in a straight, beveled, short, long, thick, thinned format. The option is chosen individually.

The style of dress, lifestyle imposes an imprint only on the choice of a particular model. Business women are ideally suited for a square-cut. For girls with a sporty figure and a free lifestyle, it is recommended to try a bob. Romantic, feminine natures will approach a cascade. Brave, extraordinary personalities are impressed with the “She-wolf”.

layered haircut

Preparing to perform

Trying to independently perform a majority of layered haircuts is not recommended. Try to experiment is acceptable only with long hair. If the length is not sorry, it is possible to correct possible errors by a professional craftsman, then fear to try to force in the hairdressing art is not necessary.

Multilayered haircuts are performed according to a clear technology. Working on a particular model involves the observance of nuances. For “creativity” will need a standard set of tools: scissors for haircuts, filing, combs, clamps. The cost depends on the complexity of the model, professionalism of the performer.

Technology of hairstyling

Make a hairstyle can be done, guided by the standard rules of performance of a particular model. There are nuances regarding the length of the hair.

Short hair

There is nothing complicated about creating a layered haircut on short hair. The main difficulty in the independent performance: the observance of proportionality. Beautifully treat the volume from the top to the back of the head manages only a few people. It is better to use the help of others.

It is enough to moisturize short strands, comb them and cut them in layers from the crown down. In the second turn, the temples and the frontal part are processed. The layering is created with the help of a row-by-row trimming of the hair. The hair is divided into layers by horizontal partings. Curls are pulled away at right angles to the floor, cut, focusing on the control strand.

Medium length hair

Make a classic layered haircut (variants with a cascade cut) on medium-length hair can be according to the technology proposed for short hair. A simpler way: gather the curls in a ponytail at the nape of the neck, make a general cut, if necessary, refine it in a straight line. The ponytail, gathered on the crown, will allow you to get a more textured version.

The model is completely universal. The curls in the hairstyle are airy and voluminous at the same time. The model can be styled in different ways or leave in a natural form.

Long hair

To make a multi-layered treatment of curls on long hair is the easiest. It is enough to determine the desired overall length, the length between the layers. The strands are separated by horizontal sections. You can perform a single cut or straight treatment of each layer. For hairstyles with this length of curls, the method of cutting with a ponytail is also available.

The model for long hair allows for a two-tier or multilayered structure. Layering allows you to achieve an airy, homogeneous appearance. Sharp transitions between two or more layers will create the severity of style.

The option of layered haircuts on long hair is ideal for young, romantic natures. Curls, complemented by melting or glitter coloring, look chic. Hair style does not require complicated styling and care.

Regular care

Layered haircut is undemanding to regular procedures. After washing, it is acceptable to dry the hair naturally. As a styling, use the separation of layered strands by hand with a small amount of gel or wax. Layered hairstyle without the usual styling looks stylish, a little careless. The fashionable option is practical, relevant for busy and lazy women.

Stacking with a hair dryer and a round brush is the best solution for the double-layered and other staggered model. Curls are given a volume at the roots, curl the ends. The styling variant is universal, gives the hair additional volume. The hairstyle looks neat and feminine.

The multilayered haircut is easy to turn into a bunch of curls or waves. To do this, use a curling iron or curlers. Fix the hair with foam or varnish. With the help of a curler to create a perfectly flat canvass with an accentuated length transition.

Complex care hairstyle does not require. It is enough to update the layered haircut once every 1.5-6 months (depends on the total length). Growing strands do not spoil the overall structure. If split ends appear, you will have to renew the cut of the strands more often.

Interesting styling

Make a multilayered haircut individual, memorable will help to create clear transitions between the tiers, cutting geometric shapes, bright or contrasting coloring. A good example is a hairstyle with square or triangular layers. If the different levels are colored blue, purple, pink, the increased attention to the person is ensured.

Pros and cons

Multilayered haircut has only pros. The main advantage of the option is called versatility: it will be possible to pick up a model for everyone. The next important plus: the ease of styling and care. The variant will not have to update frequently. After refusing from the styling, do not have to worry about the loss of attractiveness.

For many years, the layered haircut is at the peak of popularity. Only the priority images change. Options are suitable for young girls and mature ladies. Unsuccessful execution of the hairstyle can easily be corrected by parting with the length. On short hair, the statement does not work: this is the only disadvantage of layered options.

It is possible to create a perfect image with a universal hairstyle. The choice of a particular model is a personal matter for everyone. To choose a suitable option is simple among the variety of layered haircuts.

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