Find The Way To Always Look Stylish And Natural

Nowadays, balayage becomes a more and more widespread hair coloring technique. It is perfect for every hair type and color, which makes such a technique unique and incredibly convenient. There are two main balayage categories: classic and creative one. Balayage will be an excellent choice for every woman who wants to change her image, look fresh and stylish.

What do hair colors work with balayage? Absolutely every single of them: ladies with diverse hair colors and types may try using this technique. Balayage will look beautiful on dark and red hair making them thicker and adding texture. Blondes, dark blondes and brown-haired women can experiment with light bleaches. The given technique will look perfect with any hairdo and length: short, medium and long.

An Excellent Choice For Short Length Hair

A modern pixie cut is a classic women’s hairdo usually paired with long or short side bangs. If you want to completely change your image, look more fashionable or young, then you should definitely pay your attention to a pixie cut. Women of all ages cut a pixie haircut since it makes everyone look fresh and requires almost no styling.

Balayage pixie cut looks natural being very soft at the root and leading to the lighter highlight at the end of the hair. The given technique on short hair emphasizes the peculiarity of a pixie hairdo. You may use such a technique on pixie cut if you want to:

  • make your image more interesting and eye-catching;
  • don’t want to damage your hair;
  • add volume, in this regard you may try transition from natural light hair to ash or pearl blonde;
  • look stylish and modern in any situation;
  • grow out hair and always look well-groomed.

Convenience and time-saving are ultimate balayage advantages. There is no need to go to the salon too often in order to dye hair or make any touch-ups; you may only freshen your cut twice or thrice a year not being worried about grown out roots. Balayage will look excellent even in three or four months after it’s been done.

Medium Length Pixie Cut

Lots of ladies with medium hairstyles want to change their image not touching the hair length. Medium length pixie cut will be a perfect choice for everyone who is ready for changes and who whats to look more fashionable. Balayage pixie on medium length hair will:

  • make your hair glowy and brighter as well as look natural;
  • add volume to fair hair;
  • make you stand out from the crowd;
  • add beautiful bleaches and make the colors beautifully melt into each other.

Such a simple hair coloring technique implies hair coloring once per 3-4 months. Balayage looks great on curled or styled medium length hair. On top of that, it is the safest coloring technique which makes no damage to it but makes the hair even healthier and thicker. If the balayage has been applied the right way, it will make your look natural and glowy.